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What's more, king crabs are not only edible, but they can also give birth. A couple of king crabs can give birth to tens of thousands of eggs at a time, and the hatching rate is about 20%. That is to say, the unhatched eggs are these small The crab's first meal, compared to those animals that have to find their own food after hatching, the king crab's child is the first step ahead. What is noble! What is an emperor!.So,what sides to serve with king crab akron?

king crab legs delivered

Fortunately, it is naturally fair. Such a fertile king crab can only participate in reproduction for 4 years in a lifetime. Otherwise, it is unimaginable that if their life span of more than 30 years is used to give birth to children, the world may be the home of its king crab! At present, the number of king crabs in the world is conservatively estimated to be above tens of millions. Norway is the largest producer of king crabs in the world, but it is not the hometown of king crabs. So where do king crabs come from?.So,how much king crab legs delivered per person?

king spider crab

King crabs are native to the Sea of ​​Japan, Bering Strait and Alaska waters. They live in the deep sea of ​​850 meters and inhabit the bottom of the sea. They like cold, but not too cold. Generally speaking, it can withstand a temperature range of 2 to 5 degrees Celsius, and the minimum limit is 1.4 degrees. Under such harsh living conditions, it may have been in its hometown for a lifetime..So,how to warm up fully cooked king spider crab?

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